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Formally known as M-Test is now called Mukaino Method 

Seminars UPDATE


*Dr. Mukaino had published a new book (Mtest foundation guide) in Japanese. He is also working on another book with Dr.Yuki Itaya, which will be translated into other languages. 
In 2018, there will be an intensive instructor course with Dr. Mukaino in Japan as well as many foundation seminars many parts of the world. Check the instructor's page for the certified Mukaino Method instructors.
If you would like to host a Mukaino Method seminar, please contact us via email:


A list of official Instructors is up.

Check the Instructors page ->> 

Latest News

Due to COVID19 outbreak, all the 2020 seminars have postponed to 2021. Please check back for the new dates. 

Thank you!  

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Intermediate class





Upcoming Seminars
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