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Mukaino Method

What is the Mukaino Method?


The Mukaino Method was developed by Dr. Mukaino in Fukuoka Japan. It's a simple diagnostic and treatment protocol that provides the practitioner with a comprehensive overview of the patient’s body, quickly illuminating areas of pain, imbalance, and restriction by assessing the quality of movement with the potential of immediately resolving them.


Acupuncture points are tested by repeating the identified impaired movements while selected points are gently stimulated along the affected meridians to see whether they improver the ranges of movement.


By focusing on movement (including pain and range of motion), practitioners develop a common language that can be understood across medical disciplines but most importantly of all is implicitly understood by the patient.

Yoshito Mukaino, M.D.


M.D., Ph.D. Professor of Sports Medicine and Internist at Fukuoka University.

Chairman of Care System Forum (present)

Chairman of the National Licensing Committee for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Anma-Massage-Acupressure in Japan (1996~Feb, 2012)

Director of Clinical East Asian Medicine at Fukuoka University Hospital (~Present )

Former Director, Research Dept. of Japanese Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (JSAM)

Although Dr. Mukaino studied Western Medicine at university, his first exposure to medicine was through his father, a renowned acupuncturist, who treated many serious conditions at the family home. This early exposure had a strong impact on Dr. Mukaino and his goal has always been to bridge the gulf between acupuncture and Western Medicine.  In fact, he first came to public attention in Japan through his successful application of auricular acupuncture for weight loss while he was a medical intern.

The Mukaino Method was developed out of a need to create a standardized and repeatable acupuncture protocol, one that could be understood and accepted by his physician colleagues. Inspiration for the Mukaino Method came in part from working with athletes in the Sports Science Department at Fukuoka University. Now, the M-Test is used at Fukuoka University Hospital and is part of the curriculum for first-year medical students. Dr. Mukaino regularly holds seminars throughout Japan and doctors and nurses, without a background in acupuncture make up about half of the attendees.

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